Amy Mullins

4th Grade

Language Arts

August 20 - 24, 2018

*Story - "My Brother Martin"
*Read story at home tonight and begin studying study guide (spelling and vocabulary words).

*Students received a list of "practice questions" to help them prepare for the reading test on Thursday. We did it in class during group work. Feel free to look over the questions with your child. You may want to quiz them a little between now and Thursday. This is not for a grade, it is just a little something extra that I give them to study by. I will not give them the answers, but we will have discussions in class "leading" them towards the correct answer. If you want your child to bring their reading book home more that just on Monday night, please have that discussion with your child.


*Study and write your spelling words 3x each. Due Friday.
*Reading tests in class today (vocabulary and comprehension).

*Spelling Test in class today.