Amy Mullins

4th Grade

Language Arts

  April 24 - 28 (Homework) Check Back Daily for Updates

Homework for the week:
*A note from Language Arts class is coming home on Tuesday. Please look for it and read over it with your child.

* Read "Owen and Mzee" with a partner and discuss the questions. The questions are on the study guide.
*Study your study guide.  No spelling test this week. Reading tests will be on Friday.

Please use Monday's plan due to no school on Mon.

*Study your study guide.

*Reread "Owen and Mzee" with a partner and discuss the questions one more time!
*Study your study guide.

*Reading tests in class today.
*No more Language Arts Homework for the rest of the year!!!! :-)
*SOL Testing begins on Monday (May 1). Be on time!!!!!