Patricia Rasnick

Day 137 - 141
Whistle for Willie
Spelling words:  look, book, shook, foot, good, wood, nothing, together, began, again  **Look at the good book!
Alternate List:  take, grape, shame, gate, brake, blade, left, soft, silk, walk**  Shut the gate!

Practice fluency passages, and complete any math  attached to homework sheet located in the folder.

Homework is due on Friday. 
All spelling tests and comprehension tests are also on Friday

Concepts for the 5th 6 weeks
Phonics sounds "oo", bossy r
Read and spell compound words
Identify character, setting, story events
Put words in ABC order
Read familiar texts fluently
Write 3 or more complete sentences and stay on topic
Use capitalization and punctuation
Identify halves and fourths
Order sets of objects least to greatest and  greatest to least
Create and solve story problems
Add/Subtract to and from 20
Count coins $1.00 or less
Sort objects according to size, color, shape and thickness

Helpful sites for extra practice

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Manipulatives to practice patterns

Fractions Quiz

Cross the River Fractions Game

Fractions Link 1 Equal Parts

Fractions Link 2 (1/2, 1/3, 1/4)